Friday, February 11, 2011

Helping out at Home

Here's a little end-of-the-week goodness.

Sammy has been helping out at home this week, and asked if I could please share these photos.

We do a lot of laundry at our house, so it's a good thing Sam does his bit. That stuff doesn't fold itself, you know.

After a diaper delivery, Sammy thought that maybe we could just box him up and send him to Grandma Pam, please? I think there's room for Jasmine Buttercup too.

OK, OK, enough work, it's time for PLAY!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Roughing it easy

We've been roughing it easy in Cleveland for the past week as Snowmageddon descended on half the country.

Sunday we went out and enjoyed some sunshine. Here are Sam and his mule, kicking and gliding through the woods:

The two of us tried on Christmas presents too- Bill in new waders, Sam in a vest sent from his Aunt Teri. Now all we need is the trout. And clearly, I'm showing him the proper way to dress whilst angling: necktie and waders. Dry flies. Upstream only, please.

And early in the week, our aged refrigerator gave up the ghost. After a day or two of shopping we picked out a replacement... which won't be delivered until next week. So I've channeled my grandparents and converted the refrigerator into an ice box. Plenty of raw materials to be had outside, so every day or so I hack out a chunk from the driveway or an icicle from the eaves and it keeps the temperature in the mid-30s in the very large cooler.