Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wooster Homecoming

It wasn't exactly our homecoming at Wooster this weekend, but big sister/aunt Jane couldn't make it.  And we got a request late in the week to come visit Anna, so... why not?  The promise of a parade with bagpipes was too hard to deny.  So we drove down this morning for a little quality time on campus (and off, it turns out!) with Anna.

After the parade we took her out to lunch at the ever-yummy Broken Rocks Cafe in downtown Wooster, then a little drive to nearby Kidron for a visit to the massive general store Lehman's and a scoop of ice cream.  Here are a few pictures:

 With the fighting Scot mascot at the end of the parade!

Anna and Sam in front of her dormitory- the same one that housed Aunt Jane in her freshman year, just a few years ago!

Sammy getting a piggy back!