Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Surprises from the stacks

We've been working on an inventory project at work, identifying books that were not added to our catalog when we transitioned from cards-in-drawers to records-in-computers about 30 years ago.  We've come across some real gems, and here are just two that struck a chord with the woodworker in me.

Both are academic, but completely fascinating to anyone who has an interest in period work.  Here are two illustrations from the books- on the left are two photographs of bodgers (the term for chairmakers), one installing legs to a seat, the other bending what will become the back of a Windsor chair.  On the right is a reproduction of an image of an early gang saw mill.

From The Early Sawmills of New Jersey:

Sawmills, unlike gristmills, were not places of romantic interest.  Although the early sawmills were run by wooden machinery, the water wheel vibrated the building, there was no odor of ground meal, no millstones to rumble, no dusty miller drawing in fat bags of grist, and no miller's daughter to enhance the surroundings.  Instead of gently descending mealy showers, the air was full of sawdust, bad language of the men struggling with logs, and the noise and screeching of the saw.  Sawmills were places for work and not for idle gossip or the exchange of neighborhood happenings.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camp Grandma

At the end of July we left the sweltering heat in Cleveland and traveled to the beautiful and delightfully cool Pacific northwest for a week at what we lovingly refer to as Camp Grandma.

Walking the beach at low tide in the morning, when the water is smooth as glass.

Sam and Dad made a rhubarb pie.  This is how they grow it on Tanda Ave., so how could we NOT whip up a pie?  (No we didn't eat the leaves!)

Each room seems to have its own collection of toys.  This take-apart truck is a favorite.

At Uncle Roger and Aunt Kathy's house, cracking fresh crab under the tutelage of Roger.

Uncle Roger spinning yarns.

We enjoyed taking the kayaks out several times.  This time Sam had a short ride with Daddy.

Maggie in the front of the tandem.

Sam had plenty of fun on the beach.  "ooooh, that's cold!"

A couple of ol' salts launching Mommy and Sam.

On a charity walk along Silverdale's lovely Clear Creek Trail. 

We had plenty of rides on Grandpa's tractor too.  Here's Sam with some Lamberg cousins.

Thanks Grandpa!

Maggie got a few turns behind the wheel.  Don't drive it into the drink!


Sam and Mom taking a spin.

The lad's an Emmons boy, sitting on the counter helping out Grandpa.

From atop the Space Needle, a beautiful view from above the Emerald City.