Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday weekend with Jane

We had a wonderful weekend visit with big sister/aunt Jane this weekend.  She recently had a big birthday and decided to come for a Cleveland visit as part of the celebration.  Fine by us!  We talked about past birthday trip celebrations, so it must be a sort of a tradition, right?

Friday Sam and I took Aunt Jane to the special Rembrandt exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  In the evening the nieces and nephew took her out to dinner.

Pizza at Deweys!

And a birthday celebration wouldn't be complete without some cake and singing.

Today we continued the celebration with a trip to the new Cleveland Aquarium.  Our campus parents group had arranged the visit, so it was perfect that Jane was in town to join us.  We enjoyed seeing all of the fish, especially the tank of lobsters which one views from below (where's the butter?) and the walk-through hallway in which sharks and rays swim around and above.  Cool!  Another fine meal out for lunch rounded out the weekend.  Thanks for coming, Jane!