Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Update

I've been shamefully neglecting updates here, and not at all for lack of content.  We've been busy!  Since the last post, all THREE kids have started school.  Anna is a senior this year at Heights High, Maggie an eighth grader at Monticello Middle, and even little Sam is going to daycare now, three days a week.  So our daily routine has settled into a more structured one, mornings of packing lunches, eating breakfasts and heading off in various combinations to our daily tasks.

First day of school for the big kids ran the gamut of emotions.
The menfolk share a hearty breakfast.

Sammy has been furniture cruising for months and months.  This month, however, he has- cautiously and carefully- begun to take off on two feet.  Usually supported by a walker toy, but ever so occasionally, he becomes the Amazing Walking Baby.

This weekend, we had the good fortune to head down to Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood to pick up our weekly CSA grocery share.  Normally we do the pick up much closer to home... but we forgot about it on Thursday.  So we headed down on sunny Saturday and got our goodies right next to the iconic St. Theodosius cathedral.

Picking up our Fresh Fork bag in Tremont. 

We also had the good fortune to join Anna on an AFS club outing to Patterson Fruit Farm in Geauga county for some apple picking.  Sammy enjoyed wandering through the pumpkin selection and of course picking the apples, which was messy work.  We've had rain for a week straight so the orchards were quite muddy!

At Patterson Fruit Farm.

Got one!

Which one should we pick?
Time to head home.

I want a bigger one!