Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Music

We've had a busy and musical spring.  The fast-approaching end of school, AP exams, college decisions and practicing for recital has kept all of us busy, not just the teenagers!

Anna's big news is her selection of a college to attend in the fall: the College of Wooster.  We're all very excited by her choice.  She'll attend a registration event in June, then student orientation just before classes start at the end of August.

Warming up for Mother's Day, Sam and Kim had a good time playing at our faculty-parents group picnic at CWRU's farm.

Sam has been out cruising the driveway in his new convertible.  He has to know how to get to his Princeton eating club, after all.

Anna performed in her final piano recital.  She has studied with her teacher Sara Smith since she was 7.  Here are student and teacher before the performance.

And the performance itself!

Maggie had both a concert with the Cleveland Institute of Music Prep Orchestra, and her own solo recital.  Here she is performing her solo piece: