Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camp Grandma

At the end of July we left the sweltering heat in Cleveland and traveled to the beautiful and delightfully cool Pacific northwest for a week at what we lovingly refer to as Camp Grandma.

Walking the beach at low tide in the morning, when the water is smooth as glass.

Sam and Dad made a rhubarb pie.  This is how they grow it on Tanda Ave., so how could we NOT whip up a pie?  (No we didn't eat the leaves!)

Each room seems to have its own collection of toys.  This take-apart truck is a favorite.

At Uncle Roger and Aunt Kathy's house, cracking fresh crab under the tutelage of Roger.

Uncle Roger spinning yarns.

We enjoyed taking the kayaks out several times.  This time Sam had a short ride with Daddy.

Maggie in the front of the tandem.

Sam had plenty of fun on the beach.  "ooooh, that's cold!"

A couple of ol' salts launching Mommy and Sam.

On a charity walk along Silverdale's lovely Clear Creek Trail. 

We had plenty of rides on Grandpa's tractor too.  Here's Sam with some Lamberg cousins.

Thanks Grandpa!

Maggie got a few turns behind the wheel.  Don't drive it into the drink!


Sam and Mom taking a spin.

The lad's an Emmons boy, sitting on the counter helping out Grandpa.

From atop the Space Needle, a beautiful view from above the Emerald City.

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