Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We had a great weekend trip to Durango, Colorado. It was short- we arrived early Friday morning and left Sunday morning- but we really enjoyed seeing the town, and of course, seeing the wedding of two good friends.

On arrival at the tiny Durango airport, we secured our rental car and headed west into town. Our hotel room wouldn't be ready for a while, so we had a bite for breakfast at Jean Pierre's, a stop at the grocery for water and snacks, then pointed the car west for Mesa Verde National Park. On arrival, we got the official and required photo taken pronto.

The weather was just perfect- in the 60's and not a cloud in the sky. We agreed that the sun is more intense here in the high desert, and that the clear sky is more clear than we know it at home. And vistas go on forever. There were a few places in the park where one could look out over a vista and surely the horizon was hundreds of miles away.

The park is really a gem. We enjoyed seeing the Anasazi dwelling ruins, but also just seeing the high desert in all its glory. The low, sparse vegetation was in full color, providing a truly gorgeous drive on our way in and out of the park.

While we were visiting one of the ruins areas in the park, I even managed to find my next professional employment opportunity!

Friday evening on our way to the rehearsal dinner (to which everyone was invited!) we searched out and found the bakery Bread, just north of downtown Durango. I'd read one of Lance Armstrong's tweets about the place and their cookies, and we were not disappointed. Both chocolate chip and ginger snaps were out of this world. Besides, I also got one of their "bikes not bombs" cycling caps, and a handful of stickers as well.

Saturday morning I spent fishing in the company of Duke and Rowdy, which was quite a pleasurable experience. Arriving back in town, Kim, Sidney and Shannon joined me for a beer and lunch at the Irish pub in town, after which we cleaned up and suited up for the wedding. Held at the Lodge at Tamarron north of town, the wedding and reception were truly lovely.

Sunday morning we returned to the Durango airport and headed home.

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Jane said...

You packed a lot into that weekend! Looks like it was beautiful there. Kim didn't go fishing with you? :-)