Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Demolition Man

I'm a walking nightmare, an arsenal of doom
I kill conversation as I walk into the room
I'm a three line whip, I'm the sort of thing they ban
I'm a walking disaster, I'm a demolition man

Cue The Police, "Ghost in the Machine", side 1, last track (or if you have the shiny disc version, track 5, and for you youngsters, bit-torrent blah-de-blah-blah...)

Yes, it's DEMOLITION MAN! I've been slowly- let's say methodically- tearing apart the upstairs bathroom. I'm down to the walls now. Ripping out plaster and lath is a cathartic task, a combination of brute force and finesse, worked alternately with heavy hammer, wrecking bar and flat shovel. I've got three of the four walls pulled down, the lath bundled, and the plaster bagged in plastic grocery bags (it's too heavy for bags any larger than grocery bags.)

I've not uncovered too many surprises, but I'll have to re-do a little bit of the plumbing and a little bit of the electrical before I close the walls back up. The bath/shower will get a vent fan, so that will require some fitting as well. But before that, I've one more wall of purple-painted plaster to rip down, some vinyl flooring to remove and bunches of lath nails to extract.

We purchased the tile for the tub walls and the floor over the weekend, and I'm quite excited about how the whole room is going to look when it is done. It's a good thing to have that end product in mind during this messy deconstruction process!

And now, for your entertainment:


Chris said...

Dang, you're my hero. I've only been brave enough to do that in the basement, where if I screw up, only the mice will know.

Jane said...

Sounds like way too much fun!

Thanks for the tunes!

Brenna said...

Damn, Sting used to be sexy. Er, wha? Oh, interesting about the bathroom....