Monday, April 26, 2010

Bathroom reno photo update

Just a quick photo update of progress on the bathroom. I've got the day off and am set to tile the tub/shower walls, but thought I'd get some "before" pictures posted.

This was a couple of weeks ago, a "before" shot of the floor. The tile is now down and the walls have been finished, as you'll see below!

Here's where I am today. The sink (and toilet) and light fixtures are in. Here you see the sink, wall light, and medicine cabinet.

Here's the wall opposite, a bit of the floor peeking out (I've got cardboard down to protect it while I am working on the wall tiles around the tub) and the wainscoting.

An attempt at a wide view through the door. The glass block window in the shower will get a tile sill and surround and fresh grout.


Jane said...

can't wait to see "after"! Have a fun day!

PTLibrarian said...

I am sooo impressed. The glass brick wall is inspired, and I love the fixtures you've chosen. You are adding so much value to your house and it's amazing that you can do it alone! Wish I had your talent and patience. You may not want to sell.