Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Days Old

Young Sam is five days old. We've had a remarkably smooth time of things (knock on wood)- surely some lost sleep and frayed nerves, but in all everyone is adjusting to our new lives.

Today Sam had his frenulum cut. Sounds painful even typing it! The frenulum is the tiny bit of skin that connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Sam's was just a tad too long, and it was making it difficult for him to nurse properly, and when he did nurse, his tongue was hitting Kim in all the wrong places. So the doctor snipped that bit of skin this morning. He went right to nursing after the procedure and Kim immediately felt relief.

Yesterday was his first doctor appointment, which was mostly a lactation consultation. Very worthwhile to do. Kim and Sam are getting the hang of things, and the milk has come in- to the tune of Sam gaining 5 ounces in weight between yesterday's doctor appointment and today's! He likey the milk!

A few pictures:

Jasmine Buttercup and Sam, fast friends (though they don't seem so sure of it here).

Big sister Maggie getting some quality time with her little brother (who she calls "Mini Me").

Belle mama and the little shaver.

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