Friday, June 11, 2010

Fresh and Refreshing

This year we decided to try a CSA- Community Supported Agriculture- a way to support local farmers and get some fresh, good food. We subscribed to Fresh Fork Market, a CSA started by a few recent CWRU grads, and the first three weeks have been great!

Here's a few of the things we got in our bag this week: radishes, onions, beets with greens, strawberries and lettuce (with dirt!) Already in the 'fridge were the whole chicken and a dozen eggs.

And here's an obligatory baby picture of a completely different kind of refreshment.


Ken said...

OMG, he's so cute! So now the next logical step is for you to photoshop Sam and a radish in a Anne Geddes style mashup.

Brenna said...

Hey, that CSA looks great! It's sold out for this year but it's something I'd like to try (one thing I really miss about WI is the bajillion farmers' markets within a half-hour drive). How difficult is it logistically to get your stuff?

wclaspy said...

Brenna, logistics are easy- we go to the Beachwood High School parking lot every Friday between 3:30 and 6:30 to pick up our bag. Farmers markets- I've noticed one at the First Baptist church on Fairmount on Wednesday afternoons, and of course Shaker Square on Saturdays. Nothing like fresh eats! I've had fresh eggs soft boiled with On the Rise bread, tonight we had pasta and sauteed kale, and we've had enough spinach and lettuce for salads every night.