Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Redux, CLE blast from the past

In an earlier post, I shared two panoramic pictures from the 1930s featuring my grandparents. In digging through the family vaults, I found one more that I thought I would share.

This is another of the faculty of the Edison School, a school in the Cleveland Public School District where my grandfather Hoffman taught printing. This one is taken three years after the one featured in my earlier post. In addition to my grandfather, some of the faculty are recognizable in both photos, particularly the glowering face in the front row of the right hand grouping here. Surely he was in charge of discipline at this school for "incorrigible boys".

After scanning this photo, I was curious why there were two distinct groupings of the teachers. Closer inspection revealed a "seam" in the middle of the image, where two photos had been joined. My best guess is that the photo was taken during the school day, and the staff didn't want to leave the incorrigible boys on their own while the photo was being taken, so it was done in two sittings.

Here's a crop of Grandpa Hoffman, who stands near the center in the back row. He looks more like a father now than he did in the photo from 1932, now that he has a baby daughter waiting at home for him.

Like the other two originals, this one will go to the Cleveland Memory Project.

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