Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video blow-out!

OK, time for a whole heaping serving of the Sam Camera.

My lovely bride has been shooting video of the little guy from day one, using her point-and-shoot Canon. With a little time available to her this spring, she's been doing a lot of work in iMovie, putting together some Oscar worthy clips of the little guy in action. If you want to see these in a larger size, just click on the YouTube link in the lower right side of the video.

This first one is mostly from March and April, 2011. Apologies for the advert- we used Google's ad-supported music and the ad comes with. But you can join us now as we watch him learn to sit up, scoot, and crawl.

Next up, video coverage of our April trip to visit Grandma Pam and Grandpa Doug on the occasion of Great Grandma Esther's 100th birthday! He loved spending time with cousins, and of course, Haley-dog.

Finally, more recently, the little guy figured out how to clamber up the stairs. He's not yet discovered the laws of gravity, but we'll be sure to capture that on film as well.

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