Monday, June 11, 2012

Commencing and Parading

It has been a busy early June here at Chez Claspy, with all kinds of festivities and end-of-school celebrations.

First up was the senior award ceremony at the high school.  Anna graced the stage a few times- as a National Merit commended student, as a graduate with honors, as a Ohio Department of Education Award of Merit student, and as a recipient of the President's Award for Educational Excellence.

Next up, Senior Prom!  Our graduating scholar and her date Peter looked happy to celebrate!

Then graduation itself.  Held in the historic downtown State Theater, the 480+ graduates in their robes and mortar boards queued up to cross the stage, shake a hand, and get their diplomas.  Here is Anna getting hers.

After, here is the scene in the opulent theater's lobby.

On our way home, a beautiful rainbow showed Anna that her dreams are RIGHT OVER THERE.  (Does it seem to be pointing to France?)

Later in the week, 8th grade promotion and farewell to middle school for Maggie.  She was also recognized during the event as outstanding instrumental musician (no surprise to those who've heard her play!) and honor roll student.

This past Saturday we enjoyed one of Cleveland's best arts events, the wonderful and colorful Parade the Circle.  We made the trek with friends along for Maggie and Anna.  Sam, of course, makes friends wherever he goes.

One hallmark of this parade is that it is all people-powered.  No motorized floats.  Also, there are usually excellent musicians in the parade, including steel drums.  Sammy's reaction to the music can only best be captured on video.

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Ken said...

Congrats to the grads and their great honors!