Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Shower

We had our first baby shower on Saturday, planned and organized by Kim's mother Pam, party organizer extraordinaire. The shower was held in a meeting room at the CH-UH Coventry branch library, quite a fitting setting for little Samuel Taylor Coleridge Claspy's first party.

We are ever so grateful to one and all, both for your friendship and for your generous gifts. This little lad is going to be well kitted out!

A few pictures:

Big Sister Anna has been trying to cement a solid relationship with her brother and likes to talk to him. Hello, little brother!

In addition to friends and grandmas there were sisters and cousins and aunts! And a real live BABY!

Phyllis Lester designed and crafted the cake for the event. Not surprising that it was beautiful AND delicious.

The tyke was the recipient of many lovely gifts like this cute outfit.

And the Claspy tradition of a baby quilt, this one from his Aunt Jane.

Thank you again, one and all.

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