Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bicycling Caps

I'm a big fan of bicycling caps, the simple cotton head wear cyclists have been wearing for decades. I wear one under my helmet on all but the hottest of days.

On a bright day, the short brim is just enough to shade my eyes from the sun. On a rainy day, the brim is equally useful for keeping the worst of the rain from my eyes and face. On the all-too-common cool days, the cap provides a simple, thin layer of insulation on the noggin.

When I'm not cycling, I frequently wear them while doing chores around the house. Part of the reason for this is so my kids will think I'm impossibly dorky- something I don't have to work too hard to do. Mostly though, I'm just keeping myself a little warm or hiding the inevitable weekend bed-head look. And the cap serves as a bicycling reminder, even when I'm not clipped into the pedals.

I don't have a lot of caps, just a few favorites: one with the Castelli logo, one from Cervelo Test Team, and one that I've had for many years from the French racing team Brioches La Boulangère (now Bbox Bouygues Telecom). That one has a cool red poppy right on the forehead. I like to wear it when I go to the bakery, for some reason.

The one in the picture above arrived in the mail today from the folks who create the interesting and wonderfully produced Embrocation Cycling Journal. I really like this publication, but I really like their logo even more- a Bialetti Moka coffee pot right on the front.

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