Monday, September 20, 2010

A Busy Weekend

I've been shamefully tardy updating the blog here, or so claims one of our more enthusiastic followers.

What do you say, Sam, shall we send along a family update? We should? Well OK!

Our last update included the beginning of another school year, BLT sandwiches, and a wonderful visit from Grandma Pam at Labor Day.

Since then, we've been keeping busy.

The current house project is replacing the walk from the driveway to the front steps. Previously, it was a series of very bumpy stones placed on the ground haphazardly. The resulting "walk" was an ankle turning misery every season of the year, and in winter, a double misery because it was nearly impossible to shovel effectively. I tore it all out and trenched the path to a depth of 8 inches or so. I'm putting in a gravel base on top of which will go red brick pavers. The resulting path will be smooth, will drain correctly and will be plenty wide for the snowblower to pass come winter.

I've also been "teaching" a class on Shaker oval box making. Friend Daniel has been over to the shop for a series of Sunday morning sessions. It has been a lot of fun!

What else? Kim has been busy at home with Sam. Walks, naps, coffee with friends and running errands fill their days. Perhaps these photos show that the results have been quite a success.

Anna can think of little else than France these days, although her rigorous school schedule (I think she's even taking AP Lunch this year) should keep her distracted between now and her January departure. She continues to work at the Heights main library, ten hours per week.

Maggie fights the good fight in 7th grade. Her Saturday orchestra at the Cleveland Institute of Music has begun- her favorite part of the weekend, she says.

What about Sam? Littlest dude turns 4 months old this week. And he's feeling a little bit Salty!


Jane said...

LOVE that baby!!! Oh, was there text in this blogpost, too? ;-) And who knitted that sweater for Sam?

wclaspy said...

One of Kim's grad students knitted the sweater.