Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Tis the Season

With birthdays come and gone, we're starting to get into the holiday feeling. While Maggie was entertaining the shoppers at Bremecs with Christmas music last weekend, Kim and I picked out a small tree. With lots of baby paraphernalia and 8 people in the house this year, small is good. Today we put on some Christmas music and got the tree set up and decorated.

Earlier this week, we got a lovely gift in the mail from my sister- a bird food wreath. I hung it out back on a shepherd's crook, and it didn't take long for the wildlife to find it. Let's hope the birds get some!

Before any decorating could start, the men folk had to get out some barbaric YAWPs.

Sam enjoyed festooning the tree. Some old classics were hung with care (a glass ball, "Paul & Lois, 1957") and so many others. This skiing Santa went front and center.

Helping Mommy!

A cardinal keeping watch near the top of the tree.

We'll not set any records for size with this tree- it's not nearly 12 feet tall!-, but it sure is pretty and smells beautiful. And the rituals of choosing a tree, bringing it into the house, stringing the wires and hanging the ornaments somehow ties us together, from Paul and Lois in 1957 to Sam in 2010.

Merry Christmas!

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