Friday, December 31, 2010


We just can't get enough of Christmas this year.

The sun came out on Wednesday 12/29 so Anna, Sam and I got out for a neighborhood walk. Sun in December in Cleveland is as rare as hen's teeth. Just as we arrived back home, our guests pulled into the driveway.

With weather delays (and delays... and delays!) flying out of Maine, they finally took matters into their own hands, rented a car, and drove from Portland, ME to CLE, via I-95, I-84 and I-80. Having spent Tuesday night in central Pennsylvania, they made it to Cleveland just after lunch on Wednesday. We were glad to see them!

Sam took the opportunity to play while we waited for gift exchange number three.

First up: stockings. Maggie sports excellent technique for emptying hers.

Doug is enjoying the 2011 Claspy Photo calendar (a sure hit with grandparents) while Pam shows off a nice new set of Shaker boxes.

We've been eating, taking walks, eating, spa trip for the ladies, eating, museum visit, eating and catching up with each other.

Tonight we'll ring the old year out and the new year in. Pam and Doug fly back to Washington tomorrow afternoon, while Dorothy is L.A. bound on Monday.

Happy New Year!

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Ken said...

Glad they got there. Too bad the visit is cut short, but it will be something they'll talk about for years! I imagine there will be Christmas at Erland's Point once more!