Sunday, December 12, 2010


The Thanksgiving to Christmas weeks are a whirlwind for us, perhaps moreso than for some, as we've got three birthdays to fit in between there. And all in one weekend!

We were so excited that Sammy decided to dance a jig:

Here are the birthday action shots.

Maggie got a nice new case for her violin.

Anna got cash money- in Euros!- from more than one generous gift giver. Tres bien!

Kim got help opening her gifts. We didn't have to worry about cleaning up ribbons and paper- Sam ate it for us.

Saturday was music day. Maggie had two performances, one with her orchestra at the Cleveland Institute of Music, the other at a local garden store, where she and her friend Oona played Christmas carol duets.

Here's a video of her performing with the orchestra:

And here are the two carol players:

It was a busy and fun weekend!


b said...

happy birthday to one and all!

and, i have to say, sam has something on the traditional jig dancer. i'd like to see one of them jig AND chew on a toy.

Ken said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the string music-- very nice! Also loved the little leprechaun doing a jig! Does he dance to Christmas in Killarney?
Happy Birthdays! Lucia is tomorrow, I forgot.